Asset management

Focus on asset management costs

Wether in Equities or Bonds Inter Pensionskasse prefers well-diversified Direct Investments. In the area of Real Estate, Mortage and Alternative Investments Inter Pensionskasse invests in cost-effective investment products. This approach makes it possible to save costs in asset management and improves the yield of investments.

Investment strategy

To implement the investment strategy which is determined annually, only banks and asset managers with excellent efficiency in asset management are commissioned.

The investment strategy is based on the market environment, the age structure, the value fluctuation and interest reserves of Inter Pensionskasse:

Formation of the benchmarks

FTSE CHF 3-Mo Eurodeposit5%
SBI Domestic AAA-BBB 1-3y TR5%
SBI AAA-A 1-10y TR3%
JPMorgan GBI Global Traded7%
Thomson Reuters Conv Bond Global0.0%
SPI Gesamt19%
MSCI World ex Switzerland14%
SXI Real Estate Broad Funds14%
C00295-4400 Credit Suisse AllHedge Index CHF delayed0.0%
Bloomberg Commodity Index TR hedged in CHF3%