At a glance


Inter Pensionskasse was founded on 25 November 2003 in Wollerau and is governed by the regulatory authority of Central Switzerland (ZBSA). It is registered in the Commercial Register as a legal entity under the number CH-

Reinsurance, Assets, Experts, Regulators, Auditors

  • Reinsurer: Elips Life, Zurich and Triesen
  • Asset management: DZ PRIVATBANK Schweiz AG, Zentilleon AG
  • Experts for occupational pension funds: Keller Pensionskassenexperten AG, Frauenfeld
  • Regulatory authority: Central Switzerland, Luzern
  • Auditors: Ernst & Young AG, Zurich

Foundation board

Employee representatives:
  • Moreno Cei, Waldspurger & Bühlmann AG
  • Dario Wettstein, Corisol Holding AG
  • Jürg Zwahlen, Tecost e-Solutions Inc.
Employer representatives:
  • Urs Bernegger, Helvetii AG
  • Urs Kunz, Inter Assekuranz AG
  • Ilias Läber, Cevian Capital AG

Legal form and purpose

Inter Pensionskasse is a foundation under private law and an employee benefit fund within the meaning of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) and the Federal Occupational Retirement, Survivors’ and Disability Pensions Act (BVG). The purpose, which is set in the foundation charter, is to protect the employees of the companies affiliated to Inter Pensionskasse and their dependents and survivors against the economic consequences of old age, death and disability.

BVG registration and security funds

The foundation performs services within the scope of the obligatory Federal Occupational Retirement, Survivors’ and Disability Pensions Act (BVG) and in non-obligatory areas. It is registered in the register for occupational benefit plans under the register no. C1.0118 and pays the legal contributions to the security fund.

Explanation of the benefit plans

Inter Pensionskasse manages for each affiliated employer individual, self-contained benefit plans. The benefit plans correspond with the minimum BVG plans, enveloping plans and purely, non-BVG-relevant supplementary/cadre plans. Within an affiliated employer categories can be formed with different benefit plans in accordance with objective criteria.

Funding, funding methods

All of the benefit plans which are managed are in line with dual primacy (old age pension in the defined contribution plan, survivor and disability pension in the defined benefit plan). The contributions are paid in equal amounts or with an additional share at the expense of the employer. The contributions for all plans are determined in line with actuarial criteria and checked regularly. There is no cross-funding between the individual benefit plans. The assets are invested collectively within the foundation.

Accounting policies

  • Currency conversion: exchange rates as of the balance sheet date
  • Cash and cash equivalents, receivables and liabilities: in accordance with nominal values
  • Securities (including investment funds and bonds): market values as of the balance sheet date; fixed-interest including accrued interest
  • Deferrals and non-technical provisions: management’s best possible estimate
  • Reserves and non-technical provisions: calculated by the experts for the occupational benefit fund
  • Nominal value of the value fluctuation reserves: in accordance with financial economic approach