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Ideal combination of saving for benefits and risk protection

From the minimum BVG plan, to a settlement for the current benefit plan and to the supplementary or cadre plan: Inter Pensionskasse provides within the scope of legal regulations and in accordance with the needs of companies the ideal combination of saving for benefits and risk protection benefits and guarantees accordingly the financial protection of the employees against the risks of old age, disability and death.

Additionally Inter Pensionskasse eases the burden of affiliated companies completely, beneficially and transparently:
  • it informs in good time and expertly on all of the legal and regulatory changes.
  • it provides settlement on time and informs to the point.
  • it provides quick and uncomplicated support for claims.
  • it maintains for each company a current account for contributions with advantageous payment terms (the risk premiums are due at the start of the year and the savings premiums are not due until the end of the year).

Comparing and saving quotations

You can obtain quotations for Inter Pensionskasse’s benefit solutions from any independent insurance broker or directly from Inter Pensionskasse.