Person-related costs

All of the regular costs are covered by cost-covering contributions made by the insured persons and the affiliated employers.
Lump-sum amount per insured person and year:CHF 195.--

Extraordinary expenses

Extraordinary expenses are charged separately either as a lump sum or in line with actual expense. The cost regulations form an integral part of the affiliation agreement.

a) Recovery

Legal demand for payment:CHF 150.--
Instalment plans:CHF 200.--
Application for debt collection:CHF 300.--
Application for continuation:CHF 300.--
Setting aside of objection:CHF 500.--

b) Reporting

Reporting benefit cases which date back more than two years, per case:CHF 300.--
Processing of payroll submitted too late:CHF 300.--
Change concerning the previous year, per report:CHF 150.--

c) Housing support

Costs for the note in the land register are charged to the insured person.

d) Other costs

Cancellation of the affiliation agreement per insured person:CHF 250.--
External fees, legal fees, costs for the expertise of the pension fund experts or the auditors, consultation with external points, negotiations with authorities and extraordinary services are charged to the person responsible for the charges.